Blank. Or I thought it is…

3 01 2011

My mind has been off for hours now… Oh, okay.  That is not entirely true, my mind was never off, it cannot be turned off (I’ve tried, I failed).  So, what I’m trying to say here is that…my mind is currently confused.  It won’t land on a single topic for the sake of this blog.  It has been thinking about a lot of things for hours now.  Oh I know what to blog now!  Ha-ha! 😀  I  just finished watching Little Women, the movie.  And here’s my say about it;

I liked it!  I think I’m Jo March in the movie.  Tomboy.  Tough. Cool.  I’m just not sure about the old man thing.  But I like her and Teddy.  I like their friendship.  The no matter what, they will remain dearest friends forever.  Even if Teddy proposed to her first and then ended up marrying her youngest sister, Amy.  Hmm… but I think I have a little problem with the way they dress before… I mean the way women dresses up before.  Those dresses that has long, oversize skirts (is that what we call the lower part of a dress, skirt?) that sweeps off everything it passes on!  Cements, roads, earth, mud!  They are really very dirty.  If I was born at that time, I’ll be the first woman to wear an ankle-high dress, or maybe a just-below-the-knee dress.

Well, I’m just reacting…this is my blog. 🙂




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