Why AvesChordata?

4 01 2011

Hmm…  that is because… I wanted it to be Mockingbird at first (check the HEADer), but wordpress said it is already taken, so I tried Mimidae, family of Mockingbird… taken again…Passeriformes (order) too and Aves (class), alone.  Then I tried adding Chordata (phylum) next to Aves…wordpress finally accepted it (phew!) (and it sounds like someone…shh!).

So, why  Mockingbird?  Okay.  It’s not that I’m a fan of it or any kinds of bird for that matter, I don’t hate them either…I have nothing against them, I mean, they are fine, end of story.  But, I am a fan of the book entitled To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I simply loved the story!  It’s not my favorite book, alright, but it is one of my favorite books!  Favorite as in I can read it again and again and again…and again!  I love Scout!  I liked it that she’s a little boyish because she’s always with Aticus and Jem.  That she’s like trying so hard to be a boy.  I sooo loved it when she cried because Jem told her she’s acting like a girl.  Her character is so funny, very much like a real kid.  The way her mind runs, the way she thinks, her simple thoughts is just really how it should be, that of a child.  Let’s be honest, kids these days don’t act normal anymore.  They are like little old humans…they speak like one, move like one!   I wish they’d act their age, like real kids…like Scout Finch!  Maybe I have to read To Kill A Mockingbird to them…maybe that’ll bring them back to their age… hmm… (just a thought, alright? it’s my blog!)




One response

16 01 2011

i think kids today are all over dose of formulated milk… thats why they are all too smart for their age… too mature for their age

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