I’m Posting Everyday In 2011!

6 01 2011

I’ve already decided to blog everyday for this year (check out my 2 days late post) before learning about this campaign of wordpress.  I’m new here and I wanted to know how to blog and I wanted to be a blogger, so I’m taking the challenge.

“What to post?” a question that will forever be in our minds whenever we stare at our white and blank new post page.  And then after that, there’s the “How to make my topic an interesting one?”…another dilemma.  But I say, whatever!  Post whatever you want to post.  Make the very first thing that pops in your head your topic for the day.  It’s your blog spot, it’s your rule, own it.  Ah…but just be a little careful with some terms because chilluns might come across your blog via google or bing or yahoo…you don’t want to be a bad influence to the little ones, do you?

So, good luck to all of us whose joining in this campaign.  Let’s post everyday.  Let’s all blog in 2011!!!




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14 01 2011
For 2011 « aveschordata

[…] looking forward to a happy 2011!  (aren’t we all?)  Fulfillment.  I have a goal this year (postaday2011 is just a second goal) and I want to be successful at it by the end of this year.  And I pray that […]

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