Season Two Episode Eleven

7 01 2011

I LOVE MODERN FAMILY.  They are the funniest, wackiest, ridiculous, ludicrous family ever!

Haley – hahahaha!!!

Cameron – hahahaha!!!

Alex – Hahahaha!!!

Claire – hahahaha!!!

Mitchell – hahahaha!!!

Jay – Hahahaha!!!

Manny – Hahahaha!!!

Phil – HAHAHAHA!!!

Gloria – WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


A scene from this episode.

Jay is tryingto teach Gloria how to ride a bike.  Gloria is sitting on her bike wearing all her protective gears.  Jay is telling her the do’s before riding the bike.  Manny is riding his bicycle, encircling Gloria and Jay.

Jay : There are three things you wanna do before you ride. Manny?

Manny : Check your shoelaces, adjust your mirror, and test your bell.

Gloria checks on her shoelaces first.

Gloria : OK. Shoelaces tied.

And then herself on the mirror.

Gloria : Mirror is good.

And then she rings her bell to check if its OK.

Gloria : The bell is RING-GING.

And then I Laugh-Out-Loud.  WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Luke is my favorite but in this episode, Gloria did the ring-ging. 🙂

Oh!  I forgot about Lily!  Well, Lily is…Lily. 🙂




One response

7 01 2011

i love modern family too 🙂
my fave is gloria!!! haha!!!

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