8 01 2011

Or Addicts.  This is the name of the barkadahan I belonged to.  Actually, I belong to a lot of barkadahan, but Adiks is the closest to my heart.

It was on December 17, 2007 when the group was formed and has been officially named as Adiks.  I am their last recruit, nobody else joined after me.   They say the agency closed.  They won’t be entertaining any other applicants.  Lol!  Each one of us are addicted in so many things in so many ways.  Some of us are addicted to books, to old novel books with its yellow pages and the smell of…well, an old book!  Some are addicted to all kind of make-ups and accessories, to clothes, and shoes…and bags!!!  Some likes to collect movies, old movies, new movies, action, drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi, as long as they are movies.  Some likes to bore themselves to car accessories all day you’d already want to put them in a box and throw them away.  There are those who can make eat-all-you-can promos like an ordinary day.  Others will just suddenly cut their hair short in their workstation out of boredom.  We also like to make fun of each other, we like to gossip, we love all kinds of music, we love singing even if we are already out of tune, at times.  We love the camera, we love picture takings whenever, wherever.  We are addicted to each other.  We like being friends with each other.  We are at our happiest moments when we are together.  And since we are all working in the same company and department, we are always together.  With each other, we never feel like we are working.  Happy!  I thought, our group is strong, so is our friendship.

But as always, things change.  Two of us are now in Canada with their families.  We wish they can be with us all the time, we miss them terribly.  But the real change struck me when I left the company.  We are like living with each other for years so it is very unusual for me to not be working with them.  I had to fix my schedule so I can visit them every week.  One of them even created a Facebook page that is exclusively for Adiks, so we can all be together again even in the cyber-world.  This was all OK at first.  We are still friends.  We are still the Adiks.  I never saw, I never knew that the friendship I love dearly is slowly dying.  It’s falling apart.  And when I finally did see it, I don’t want to believe it.  There is still hope, this can be fixed.  They are just working too much.  I just need to visit them more often to stir them up.  To remind them that we are the Adiks, the happy people.  We love being with each other…we used to always have time for each other.  But then I remembered, I used to be with them everyday too…till I resigned.

They say that I am the truest addict in the Adiks barkada.  Because I am the funniest, wildest, loudest, the craziest.  Because I act and speak like a real addict.  But maybe that is because I hold the friendship more precious in my heart.  It has been confirmed to me today that the group doesn’t exist anymore…so is the friendship, I bet.  Is it my fault?  Is it because I resigned?  This news really hit me hard.  So I left the Adiks group in Facebook.  That group is unreal anyway.  I don’t know the people in there.  They are not the best and favorite barkada I knew.

I am not the founder, I don’t even have any contribution with the name, but it feels like the group is mine…they are mine.  I miss my Adiks friends so much.




2 responses

11 01 2011


J Darling, i miss you. and i love the adiks too.
and i miss them. you know what i mean.

let’s bond… please? i really want to spend time with you… let me know okay. i’m serious… i hope we’re not dying… i mean, no way! haha


12 01 2011

who told you that adiks is no longer existed?

if this is your decision – like ditching us for good – i respect that. i’m trying my best to reach out to you but i get nothing.

thanks for the friendship 🙂

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