Season Seven Episode Eleven

9 01 2011

A  scene from Grey’s Anatomy’s latest episode.

Yang was trying to explore Seattle for the first time in all her hospital life.  She asked a stranger for the direction to Space Needle when an ambulance passed in front of them.  And another one, and another one.  The stranger was still talking about something but Yang stopped.  She then walks instead to where the ambulances were going.  They brought her to a school where a mass shooting just happened.  People were still in chaos.  Cops were trying to clear the scene.  Some were in shock, some were bleeding, and others were already in stretchers being carried to the ambulances.  One of the victims in stretcher passed in front of Yang, this one looked like he’s been shot.  The medics were doing the first aid procedure.  Yang is a doctor, of course she knew the best first aid procedure.  Crack his chest.

Back at Seattle’s Grace Hospital.  Owen and Teddy opened the door of one of the ambulances and found Yang inside.  Her hands was on the boy’s chest.  “I had to crack his chest”  she said.

Yang was standing on the gurney where the kid was laying, her right hand was still on the boy’s chest.  Teddy was grabbing the end of Yang’s shirt for support.  Two medics were assisting them, one was pulling the gurney the other was pushing it.  They were heading to the OR.  Owen was walking by the gurney across Yang.  “Cristina!  You’re going to the OR!”  Yang answered back,  “I’ll be fine.  I’ll be OK.”

YES!  She’s the back! 🙂




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