Painting Photography

10 01 2011

I always wanted to paint.  About nature.  The blue sky, green grass, rice fields in front murky mountain at the back, flowers facing the sky, trees and their leaves being blown away, cottony clouds, the birds flying in V formation, the rising and setting sun.  These are the things, the sceneries, that puts me on hold, on pause…my mind would always cry out “Wow!” and my lips would always form the word.  They always make me want to grab a sketch pad or a canvass and a paint brush (let’s not forget the paints) and to sit down in front of them and paint them.  But I never learn how to paint.  I don’t even know how to draw beautifully.  I used to have a little talent on this once upon a time but it was never enhanced, now its gone.  Some of my friends whose taking up Fine Arts major in Advertising during college told me to just change my curriculum.  If they have pushed me more I would have given in to their suggestion.  None of these happened.

I started learning my first ever compact camera a year after I bought it (I don’t know why, ok, but that’s what happened).  I told myself that if I can’t paint all the wonderful things that my eyes sets upon then maybe I can take their photograph.  So that’s what I did.  I took their pictures.  The sun, sky, clouds, the trees, flowers…all of them.  Whenever I can, even if I’m in a speeding car, I take out my camera to point and shoot.  I love this new-found hobby.  I’ve used my digi-cam at its fullest.  So I thought it’s time to get an upgrade.

A Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera is much more complicated than a point-and-shoot camera that after a year of owning one, I’ve decided to sign-up in a Basic Photography Workshop (really, there’s no point in having an SLR if you’re not going to learn how to use it).  And it’s a good thing too that I did.  I’ve learned so much and my photography skills have really improved.  But it doesn’t stop there, I still need to practice more.  Practice is equals to perfection.

Now I’m happily painting through my photography.  To be a professional photographer is next. 🙂

(You can check the photos I’ve attached in my Who am I? page.  They are not the best of the best because I’m still learning but they are my best as of now.)




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