60 minutes

19 01 2011

So what if I got into a little accident and the doctor informs me that I only have an hour to live.  What will I do?  Hmm… I’ll grab my phone and call everyone in my contacts and I’ll tell them I’m so sorry for every pain I’ve caused them and thank them for all the things that they did to me, no matter if that thing is good or bad, it still helped me be a better person.  Oh, I think calling everyone won’t fit in an hour so I guess I’ll just text everyone.  Yeah, I’ll grab my phone and text everyone.  OK.  And then I’ll post the same thing in my Facebook, sorry and thank you to all.  I’ll do these all in one hour while eating my box of 18 inches Gourmet Garden Yellow Cab Pizza,  a pint of Strawberry flavored ice cream, and one Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Brother’s Burger.  Drinks!  Yeah, and two large Taro Milk Tea from Bubbatea Licious.  Text, Facebook, Eat, Drink – ’til I die.  Burp.  YUM!!! 😀




2 responses

25 01 2011
Nhorleen Bitco

That will work if you have all that food ready somewhere… Man, the line on Yellow Cab, Brother’s Burger and Bubbatea Licious (and I quote, “ang tea na di matamis pramis!” ) alone will deplete that 60 minutes faster than you can burp twice! Hehehe!

25 01 2011

Hindi talaga matamis, Nhorleen!!! 🙂

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