27 01 2011

My truest and most loyal friend told me the other day that I’m being partly delusional.  Because I always see this ________ ___ in almost every ___ in this _____!  In _____, ______, ___, and even in ______!  This friend of mine even suggested that I just____ with this ___ because I haven’t ____ ___ for a while now and maybe that’s the reason why I see ___ ____ everywhere!  Just to get ____ with!

Oh I wish it’s that easy, that I can just ____ with ___!

Anyway, I like my friends’ first hypothesis, that I’m _____ and ________.  Acceptable. 😀




4 responses

27 01 2011

gosh!!! who’s this friend???

and can you complete the sentences!!! let me know those blanks!!!



27 01 2011

it’s a game. fill in the blanks! haha! 🙂

28 01 2011

it’s eeerr hard!


let’s meet up!!! text me!!! you know my new number right??? haha

28 01 2011

you have a new number???

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