Season Ten Episode Two

28 01 2011

♪♫ So you want to be a rock star ♫♪


I’m not really a fan but I think I will be here in Season 10 of American Idol.

So, we have a new set of judges.  Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and…Me!  Yep, AvesChordata of  Lol! 🙂

I saw, heard, watched my first bet for this season in New Orleans.  A piano teacher.

Jordan Dorsey, a voice and piano teacher.  Full-time musician.  He gave J. Lo goose pimples all over her body.  Yeah baby!  Ha-Ha! 😀  A piano teacher, pee’aa-now.

We all voted YES.  He’s going to Hollywood!  Woohoo!

(Change it up : ♪♫ some day I’ll wish ♫♪ upon a star ♪♫)




2 responses

28 01 2011

i’m watching too but i didn’t finish the first ep of the audition… hahaha!!!

can i be the 5th judge???!!!


28 01 2011

hmm… i think you can… but, we cannot be in the same country…so you have to move out. 😀

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