Season Ten Episode Four

30 01 2011

♪♫ So you want to be a rock star ♫♪

I found my second bet in Nashville, Tennessee and my third bet in Nashville, Tennessee. 😀

My second bet, Adrienne Beasley.  She lives in a farm in Kentucky.  She’s adopted.  Her parents are white.  I love her voice.  She almost made Steven cry.  We all voted yes and she’s going to Hollywood!!! 😀

My third bet is Lauren Alaina.  I don’t know why but her voice made me cry.  J.Lo cried too!  And Steven said she’s going to make 40 million people cry.  Oh and I also liked it that she smiled in the middle of her song.  We shouted our yes votes in unison in the end.  She’s in! 🙂




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