♪♫ TV Show

1 02 2011

♪♫ That will be the title of my own reality TV show if I’m ever gonna have one.  Lol! 🙂

It’s obviously gonna be about music because that is the one I think I know perfectly well.  The judges will be Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell because they are very frank, I need them in my show.  Oh, and of course, me!  The three of us will be telling the contestants what they really need to hear, specially to those who thinks what they’ve been hearing are compliments but in reality are gibes.

Battle of the Musicians.  Strut your musicality.  You can sing, play your instrument, or sing and play your instrument.  You can go solo, have someone with you for a duet, or you can be in a group of five to six persons.  You can play whatever music you like as long as it has your originality in it.  It can be your own composition or just your own arrangement.  Be creative.  Be a musician.

Wow. 😀




One response

1 02 2011

hire me as the 4th judge 🙂 please?

your idea is great!!!

you should watch x factor too 🙂 make sure to watch their next season

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