Season Four Episode Thirteen

2 02 2011

And because I’m still feeling sad and lonely and grouchy and sulky, I’ve decided to watch episode thirteen of Gossip Girl’s season four.  And good thing that I did!  Blair and Dan made me really laugh.  I guess they are now my favorite Gossip Girl characters. 😀 I’m tired of the van der Woodsen’s and the Basses and the Archibald’s.

I liked their “Oh you’re such a boy… Oh you’re such a girl” scene.  I liked their “Get out of here… Just quit” scene.  I liked their “Oh, you poor lost lamb…those are Marc Jacobs and they’re mustard” scene.  I liked their “stapler” scene.  I liked their “No sabotage” scene.  I liked “floor fight” scene. 😀

Dan : “You do realize that I know Jeremiah Harris personally, right?”

Blair : “And you do realize that I know everyone personally, right?.”


Blair : “Oh, picking up a late lunch, for Epperly?”

Dan : “No, actually it’s for you.  Don’t worry it’s not poisoned.  I wouldn’t wanna win due to my rival’s starvation…”


Blair to herself or to the waiter who just passed by in front of her or to everyone else : “OMG.  I was just poleaxe by a poor person.”






2 responses

3 02 2011


did something happen to them when S left?

in the first ep, when S asked each of them how they are – they’re like “what do you know” or was that “what did you hear”

anyway, i can’t wait to watch this ep haha!!!


3 02 2011

movie, together! 🙂 yeah, yeah… i think that’s a movie not a play. 🙂 i like their competition. it’s really something fresh for Gossip Girl. 🙂

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