Season Three Episode Thirteen

2 02 2011

Bad day.  So I had to play the piano to ease my mind.  And then I watched this weeks’ episode of 90210 even if I’m not in the mood to do so.  Hmm…

I really didn’t find anything special in this ep.  Well, I liked the dinner scene though, the battle of words.  Silver, Naomi, and Annie versus Adrianna.  I specifically liked one of Naomi’s line during that scene;

Naomi to Silver against Adrianna : Preach it sister!

And of course, I still like Silver’s hair. 😀 I’m taking snapshots of it so I can show it to my hair stylist the next time I visit the salon. 😀 Because really, her pixie haircut is not available in Google or Bing.




4 responses

2 02 2011

spoiler! haha! kidding!!!

i’ll watch this ep on weekend 🙂

you should really have silver’s hair… it’s a yay! ;p

2 02 2011

sorry katy…

3 02 2011


why sorry?

i like what you’re saying about these episodes!!!

3 02 2011

really? thanks! 🙂

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