The Peace of Christ in Our Hearts

5 02 2011

Our thoughts, if stayed upon God, will be guided by divine love and power.  Thus, we must live on the words that proceed from the lips of Christ. — Ellen G. White, Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 2, p. 699.

In the middle of spiritual warfare, a person may be tempted and find it very difficult to dispel certain adverse thoughts.  In those moments it may be easier to distract oneself by changing place or activity or seeking good company.  This may permit a change that facilitates prayer and assurance.

Thought is a very mysterious human process.  We really don’t know for sure even what it is or exactly how it works.  In most case, though, in the inner recesses of our consciousness, we alone make the choice regarding what we are going to think about.  A thought can be changed in an instant.  We simply have to make the choice to change it.

What about your thoughts?  Next time the wrong ones come, what are you going to do?

Bible Study Guide, February 02, 2011




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