To Click or To Play

9 02 2011

I will be attending a Valentine Banquet on February 13, 2011 because, (1) my friend wanted to come, so we’ll be going, (2) I was asked to photograph/cover the event and I am more than willing to do so, and (3) I was also asked to play some piece in the said banquet, play the organ for some intermission number.

I’m really very serious with the duties and responsibilities given to me.  So when I am asked to play the piano or the organ, I really prepare for it.  I practice the piece to be familiar with the notes, tempo, lyrics, song.  If I’m asked to play one piece I still prepare two or three more piece just in case I’d be asked to play again on the spot, I’m ready.  Specially when the organizers know me, this is likely to happen.  The same goes with my photography.  When I cover an event, I really do cover the whole event.  I separate myself from the crowd so I can capture every moment, everything.  And I even wear comfortable clothes, pants, so there will be no awkward dress moments when I need to crouch down to get the perfect angle.  I am a very serious amateur photographer.

Now, in this banquet, I was asked to do two things.  Two things that I do separately.  How am I going to photograph the facial expressions of the singers if I will be their accompaniment?  To click or to play?  My teeny-weeny problem.




2 responses

9 02 2011

this is awesome!

good luck on this one J. i’m sure you’ll do well. if only i can photograph you while you play the organ…


9 02 2011

thanks, katy. I needed that.

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