Hope Against Depression

12 02 2011

Oppression and abuse of various kinds, lack of respect and consideration, corruption, and deceit all have been present since the inception of sin.  We all face it even today.  This sociological chaos becomes especially hurtful when touching close to home–neighbor, friend, spouse, child, parent.

Highly defective interpersonal relationships cause much stress and are associated with depression.  The conclusive ingredient to survival in the middle of a crisis is hope.

Hope is essential to living our lives with a reasonable amount of mental health.  Hope must be alive even for the unbeliever–youth in search of employment must hope that they’ll find a job, a lost traveler will hope to find his way, and investors who have lost their money must believe that there will be better times.  Living with zero hope leads to meaningless and death.

When Italian philosopher and poet Dante Alighieri (A.D. 1265-1321) attempted to describe hell in his Divine Comedy, he envisioned a big sign at the entrance saying: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!”  The worst possible punishment is to deprive someone of hope.

Bible Study Guide, February 10, 2011




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