Season Ten Episode Nine

18 02 2011

Hollywood Week Part Two.

I didn’t post anything from Hollywood Week Part One because I wasn’t sure if my 3rd bet was asked to continue the competition after her first Hollywood performance.  I didn’t even see her in episode eight.  But now I know that she was asked to stay because Ryan Seacrest’s voice over announced that she didn’t make it through the Hollywood Week Part Two.  Adrienne Beasley, my 3rd bet.  Sad. 😦

1st bet Jordan Dorsey, 2nd bet Lauren Alaina, and 4th bet Casey Abrams are still in the competition.  One down three more to go.  Not bad. 😀

So, the challenge for Hollywood Week Part Two is groups.  The contestants have to form a group of three, four, or five, they have to work with that group, sing well with that group, and still shine as individuals.  Some did well, some were fantastic, some were OK, and some were terrible.  And two of the some’s were my favorite. 😀

First is The Hits who sang Hit Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell.  Randy said their group is the most harmonized group and I sooo agree to that! 😀 I love their performance, for me it was just perfect!  They all made it to the next round.

Second is Four Non Blondes & That Guy.  I liked their rendition of Forget You by Cee Lo Green.  I specially liked Carson Higgins style in singing that earned him the title of 5th bet from me.  Yay! 😀 (sorry for the late announcement, I was absent in his LA Audition).

So that’s one bet down, four more bets to go. 😀




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