Season Ten Episode Ten

18 02 2011

Bets 1,2,4, and 5 passed the Hollywood Week Challenges.  YAY!!!

Happy passers from room 1

Happy passers from room 4

Yay! 😀

(I thought Ashley Sullivan will not make it because of nerves…)

Oh.  Bet number 4, Casey Abrams, did a very, very good version of Georgia In My Mind.

His WOW performance earned a round of applause from all of us...

...and a certain kind of respect from bet number 5, Carson Higgins. 😀

I saw this one comment in a Casey video in YouTube that says Casey is like a grown up Luke of Modern Family.  Wahahaha!!!  I agree!  I agree!

Ryan : “Casey, it is a first, a stand up bass… you’re breaking new ground my friend.”

Casey : “Am I like Neil Armstrong?”

Ryan : “Well…in your own way…”

Casey : “Yes!”

Haha!  So Luke! 😀




3 responses

18 02 2011

Yung pinoy nkasama?

19 02 2011

yes she made it. is she your bet? 😀

27 02 2011
Season Ten Episode Eleven and Twelve « aveschordata

[…] our passers from rooms one and four went to Las Vegas to prove themselves, for one last time, worthy of the top […]

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