25 02 2011

Relationship is a two-way street.  A give and take.  You give something, you take something in return.  Standard rule.

But now, the most usual situation is you give something…and then you give something more…and again, and more, and again.  You need to receive something in return to boost you’re whole being so you can give more, but unfortunately you get nothing.

And then you get tired.  You want to give no more, to give up even if you love to give, you just can’t do it anymore.  So I say: So don’t give up!  You’ve already done a lot, gave a lot.  You have already been that strong, you can still do more, give more, be stronger.  Ask God for strength.  You see, we maybe the tireless giver right now but we’ll soon be the happiest taker.  Patience is a virtue.




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28 02 2011

haha! nice nice!!!

28 02 2011


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