Capping Cappity Cap

28 02 2011

I was never a fan of caps.  They’re OK.  Fine.  Alright.  I do not have anything against them and I can really live without them.  So I never thought that I would be owning more than one of them.

My first one.  I bought it three years ago out of…impulse. 😀

A friend gave this to me and it really is from Italy.

Not much of a beauty, right?  I got this one from my most previous job.

And my fourth cap. 😀 My favorite!  I put it on immediately after I got it!  This is my coooolest cap ever!  I guess they did hear me screaming, huh? 😀




4 responses

28 02 2011

starbucks – i like!!!

28 02 2011

starbucks – i like x 1M. 😀

1 03 2011

SB Cap has that kurdoroy material? Can u get me one? hehehe

1 03 2011

ok. i’ll ask for another one. haha! 😀

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