Season Ten Episodes 13,14, & 15

6 03 2011

My fourth bet, Casey Abrams, never fails to make us all feel awed whenever he performs on the stage of American Idol.  His renditions were carefully thought through and excellently delivered with unique musicality.  A definitely one of a kind, Casey Abrams.

Second bet, Lauren Alaina.  I must admit, I don’t think she has a strong voice but I’m not saying she’s got a weak voice either.  There is something in her voice that stands out and make her every piece special.  And she has managed to maintain this kind of quality singing she does in every Idol episode.  And that really earns her a plus sign.

Now my first bet, Jordan Dorsey, started out strong.  He definitely showed his potential as a musician, which is actually good.  But this puts his name in a much higher level than the rest of his competitors in a good and stressful way.  We, the judges, expected more from him in each of his performances.  His audition piece, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, was superb in all angles and earned him a golden ticket to Hollywood.  But he somehow got lost in the middle of it all.  It’s like all of his superbness and high standards went down in the drain.  So, even if its hard for me because he is my first bet, I have to agree with Randy, Jennifer, and Steven.  We gotta let him go.




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