Weekend Getaway

7 03 2011

So I went to Batangas this weekend to visit some friends.  And I get to photograph some greens and blues again.  Yay!

Here they are…

This is my first favorite shot.  It’s my “look into” shot :D.

My second favorite shot.  I always loved creepy trees in my subjects.

Land.  Water.  Mountain (actually, it’s  Taal Volcano).  Sky.

My almost repeat shot.  What I like about this shot is that teeny-weeny ant on the right. 😀

Forest : This way please.

Another repeat shot except for the Toy Story sky. 😀

My third favorite shot.  I like the color the sun contributed in this shot.  I like the shadows.  I like that leaning purple flower (I don’t know what its called).  In my mind’s eye, I see that flower as a person, a woman, wearing this beautiful white gown, sitting on that earth and leaning against those grass.  Editorial.  A photoshoot for the long gown edition of this huge designer. 😀 Or something like that.




6 responses

7 03 2011

ooo i like them too!! i doo really like the first one thats awesome x) im going to assume you took that photo through a hole! cuz thats what it looks like X) unless im wrong haha

7 03 2011

you are right. good job! haha! 🙂

7 03 2011

awesome pics J! good job!

7 03 2011

thanks, katy 🙂

8 03 2011

Very relax and peaceful! Nature makes me feel so great and refresh! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! 🙂

8 03 2011

thank you too! 😀

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