Dream until your dream come true…♪♫

11 03 2011

I am sweeping and mopping the floors, busing the tables, washing the dishes, cleaning the C.R., making sure everything is clean and in order, including my hands.  And after all these, I will smile at you as you enter the door, greet you pleasantly as I take your order, warm your pastry or sandwich, then I will make your cup of favorite coffee just the way you like it.  I will serve you with the highest quality.

You’re probably thinking now how tiring all of these are and how you would never ever do them and that’s like even if they pay you a million, you’d never want to have such work.

But let me tell you what runs inside my head every time I make that cup of coffee (hot, iced, or blended) for a customer even if I’m still a newbie that makes me prone to lots of errors: “I have the coolest job in the whole world!” 😀

So, heck yeah!  I am happy with my current work.  Happy and proud and have no plans of leaving it forever.  I’ve cast a permanent-sticking charms on me so no one and nothing can ever take me away from it. 😀

I don’t care if others don’t approve of my job description.  I know they just can’t do what I’m doing right now.  No guts, no glory.  I am uber-happy with my work and nothing anyone will say can ever put my soaring spirit down.

I guess this is how it feels like when you dream on until your dream came true.




5 responses

11 03 2011

Your words are inspiring. I am dreaming and working to make my dreams come true, and it’s good to know that it’s possible. Your happiness is contagious!

12 03 2011

I’m glad i infected you. 🙂 thank you. i’m just so happy i have post about it 🙂

14 03 2011
Dream On by Aerosmith « aveschordata

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14 03 2011

very nice! i’m so happy for you J 🙂 you’re doing something that you really love to do!!!

see you soon!!!


15 03 2011

yeah… now we can talk about career. hahaha!!!

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