Personal Image

12 03 2011

Society has placed an excessive value on personal image.  This is a weakness that has accompanied humans for their entire history.  In our days, this emphasis on beauty and personal care has reached overwhelming proportions.  The worldwide cosmetic industry alone is more than half of the global food retail market.  In addition to cosmetics, many people spend endless resources on body building, facelifts, hair transplants, plastic surgery, special diets, and so on, all in the order to improve their appearance.

This intensive desire to become more beautiful also has the risk of becoming addictive.  Some develop exercise addiction; others the addiction to eat a little less each time, to the point of endangering their lives.  Others may become obsessed with their hair or skin, submitting themselves to sophisticated, costly, and never-ending treatments.

There is nothing wrong with being fit, clean, and nice-looking.  It is the constant focus on these things that can draw our hearts to them to the point of letting them become idols.  But there’s one thing about looks that you can be sure of:  sooner or later, time and gravity will take them away.

Like material resources, our bodies are a treasure entrusted to us, but we run a serious risk of making it an idol when our devotion to it becomes excessive.  It’s not always easy to know when a line has been crossed; hence, the need for all of us to be careful in this regard.

Bible Study Guide, March 10, 2011




2 responses

14 03 2011

i like reading your bible study blogs 🙂

very inspiring

15 03 2011

it’s good to know that i have at least one sure Bible Study Guide reader. 🙂 thanks! caps lock the B in your Bible. 😀

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