Season Ten Episode Sixteen and Seventeen

13 03 2011

Casey Abrams is just sooo crazy good!  He just can really, really sing!  He’s angry voice and normal voice and… oh the ♪♫hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo♫♪ part of his Have A Little Help From My Friends rendition is so awesome that when I heard it, I just smiled and surrendered all my votes (past, present, future) to him.  Rainbow of talent and Plethora of passion.  You’re my idol, dude!

Oh yeah, my 2nd bet Lauren Alaina.  Well, I agree with Jennifer and Steven and Randy.  Her performance is OK, it’s definitely not bad but it’s not good either.  I hope she picks a song that will show her more stronger and braver and bolder side next week…to win the Idol, you know. 😀

And I think Paul McDonald and James Durbin did good too.  And well, Stefano is still cute. 😀 Lol!

In the end, one of the Top Thirteen needs to go…so we said goodbye to Ashton Jones.

Oh and I love the mansion they’re living in right now.  Do you think I can drop by sometime and visit them in there?  Haha! 😀




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