18 03 2011

I dreamt a very interesting dream the other night.

I am with this guy that I have never seen both in my dream life and real life.  He is tall, his skin is light brown, and his got a man’s short hair, it is gelled but not spiky way.  He is super-handsome. 😀 And in my dream, we are always together (because it’s my dream, right?). 😀

As always, this dream is not clear.  There is no story.  It’s just me and this super-handsome guy and were strolling in the mall.  I guess there was a part where we were like being chase or something like that, but I am not sure of it. 😀 What I am sure of is the end part.  We sort of attended this event of some sort.  Then after this event of some sort, while we were walking along this road to whatever, I called him by his name, David.  There was no question mark in the end of that name, no confusion, it’s like I am very sure, from the very beginning, I know that he is David.

There are several Davids that I know but they are just not like my dream-David.





2 responses

18 03 2011


J and David = soulmate! LOL

19 03 2011

well… hahaha

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