Two Davids in a week

24 03 2011

Do you still remember my David post last week?  Well, I didn’t know that the Davids will suddenly materialize in front of me after that dream.  This week, two Davids visited our store.  Two very different but very not like my David (extremely handsome…er? Lol!)

David number 1 of the week is…well, he’s tall, semi-dark complexion.  I think he’s a nice a person.

David number 2 of the week is…he’s tall too, has a fair complexion…and he also looks nice.

They have both smiled at me in a “cute” way (is their such a way? Lol!)…but… they are just not my David.  Hahaha! 😀




2 responses

25 03 2011


what will you do if “your david” orders coffee? yyyeeehhhee!!!

25 03 2011

i’ll turn into a stone. hahaha

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