Season Ten Episodes Twenty and Twenty One

25 03 2011

The performances I liked best in Episode Twenty are from Casey Abrams (of course 😀), Jacob Lusk, and James Durbin.

Jacob Lusk finally did control his high voice, because for me he’s sort of shouting every week.  I liked his performance and his choice of song, that I will download later. 😀

Same with James Durbin.  He put a little rock in his Stevie Wonder song.  Good job!  Pat on the back. 😀

And of course, Casey Abrams.  I’ll always love his performances-forever.  And I agree with Randy and Jennifer, he already got his own road.  People already know his genre.  He’s him.  Whatever song he sings, he is him singing that song and not that song he’s singing.  Did you get what I mean? 😀

Lauren Alaina looked pretty here too! 😀

But…I don’t know what happened with Episode Twenty One.  Oh gosh, America!  What happened?!  The audiences were cheering for and calling on and shouting Casey’s name!  Why do you have give Casey the lowest vote of the week?  If I can only vote, if I’m only in America right now, I’ll offer my whole two hours giving Casey one million votes!  I’m so glad that the judges didn’t think twice on giving Casey their one-time save option to keep him for another week.  I saw Casey’s face as it turned from pink to white to grey when Stevie told him that they’ve (him, Jennifer, and Randy) decided to keep him.

Casey has the ability to make classic, black and white songs colorful.  He’s that talented.  So don’t do this again, America.  OK?  Please?  We all love Casey Abrams and his crazy talents, don’t we?  Never forget your responsibilities to vote for him every week to keep him on till the end.




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