26 03 2011

Teaching, preaching, healing, and helping.  Health and humanitarian works.

These powerful branches of service have quite become institutionalized in many places.  As a result, the ordinary member may fail to engage directly in these ministries.  Some provide financial support; others leave these ministries to the professional; and some, unfortunately, even view them with indifference.  In the end, many do not become directly involved in the task of going around “doing good” and thus miss a tremendous blessing.  Why?  Because there is a great personal blessing that comes from ministering to the needs of others.  The simple practice of directly sharing with the needy, or of helping someone who is sick, or simply of attentively listening to others’ problems will result in great blessing to the one doing the ministering.  There’s something wired in us, something not totally eradicated by six thousand years of sin, that makes us feel good, even whole, when we serve others.

There’s a tremendous emotional and spiritual blessing for those who, out of thankfulness to God for salvation they have in Jesus, give themselves to others.  Many people struggling with emotional issues would feel so much better merely by directing their thoughts away from themselves and toward others.

Unhappy, unsatisfied?  Most likely it’s because you’re too self-absorbed.  Get involved in helping others and see what happens.

Bible Study Guide, March 23, 2011




2 responses

26 03 2011

I like your post! 🙂

26 03 2011

thank you! I liked it too! I really wanna get involve, soon! 😀

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