Season Seven Episode Seventeen

27 03 2011

Cristina Yang to Owen Hunt :  “Screw beautiful, I’m brilliant!  If you want to please me compliment me on my brain!”

I like! 😀 Yeah, Cristina, you’re one heck of a brilliant surgeon that I so wish you’re real! 😀

But…the real shocker in this episode was the last part of it.

Arizona and Callie were going to a Bed & Breakfast for a quality-time, weekend getaway.  Arizona is driving.  After their little argument, Arizona asked Callie to marry her.  And then they sort of had their moment there, just staring at each other and all.  And then when Callie finally face the road her eyes went wide-open in shocked, and so did Arizona’s…and then came the sound of a shattering windshield.  End of the episode.

OH GOSH!  What happened?!  I mean, of course I already have an idea but… for real?  Like really???  It can’t be!  No!!!




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