: Lazy

1 04 2011

Of all the things that are running inside my head right now, I can’t seem to choose one topic to discuss here.  There are a couple of things I can discuss about work…some about friends…some life issues…I can spill new and renewed thoughts about “the email” again (😀 hahahaha!!!)…I can choose to talk about this one funny thing too…but I don’t know…it’s like I just feel really tired discussing about anything…I miss my best friends…got six of them…one is being a bit bitchy…one is being a little silent…ok, that’s two of them…make it three…the last two are…ok!  They’re all being silent!  And I’m too lazy to check on them too. 😀  Well, I can be lazy at times…  Anyways, I still can’t think of one concrete topic to talk about here today… hmm…I can also post about this song that I sort of really like right now… :D…it has a little connection about the… 😀 well…hahaha!!!  But, again, I’m just feeling lazy…

Crap!  So I guess I did talk about something here…how I just feel sooo lazy even if I’ve got lots of good topic to post today… sigh.

Oh!  It’s April 1st!  Happy April Fools Day!!!  (argh…still lazy…)




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1 04 2011

Happy April’s Fool ^0^

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