2 04 2011

A study conducted among recently divorced individuals showed the difference between those willing and those unwilling to forgive.  Mark Rye of the University of Iowa recruited 199 divorced individuals from community singles’ organizations and church-based divorce recovery groups.  Not surprisingly, researchers found that those who extended forgiveness to their former spouses enjoyed higher levels of mental health.  When compared to those unwilling to forgive, forgiving persons experienced higher levels of well-being and religious satisfaction and lower levels of anger and depression.

Forgiveness is so important because it’s foundational in repairing and maintaining good relationships.

The experience of forgiveness is helpful, not only to those receiving it but also to those granting it.  The feeling of grace and generosity experienced by those granting forgiveness brings them closer to God and contributes to character building.

Forgiveness reduces depression and anxiety and increases self-esteem and overall emotional well-being.  In sum, forgiveness is good for many things; holding grudges, meanwhile, is dangerous for body and soul.

Forgiveness never excuses nor minimizes sinful behavior but, rather, recognizes the frailty and sinful propensity of all human beings.  Forgivers recognize their own desperate need for forgiveness.  Forgiveness ultimately releases those indebted to the forgiver from the just condemnation that should accompany their misdeeds.  Ironically, releasing those who sin against us releases us, as well.

Bible Study Guide, March 23, 2011




2 responses

4 04 2011

Forgiveness is so powerful and have healing effects! 🙂
I like this post, thanks for sharing the wisdom in the Bible!

4 04 2011

thanks! and you’re welcome 😀

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