Season Ten Episodes Twenty Two and Twenty Three

3 04 2011

WOW Casey!!!!  That performance was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking great!  Totally amazing!  I can play the piano and I love that piece and now I wish I’m the one playing Your Song for you that night!  Really very brilliant performance, Casey!  I ♥ the piano, I ♥ Your Song, and I ♥ Casey!  YEAH!!!  And I am just glad America learned their lesson and put you on the top of their voting list!  I also like Haley’s rendition of ♪♫B-B-B-Benny and the Jetssssss♫♪.  But Casey did the best performance of the night for me!  I’m sorry Randy, I can’t agree on your opinion of Haley doing the best performance of the night.  Casey you’re my American Idol!!!  Can somebody please produce now all the song his singing through out the competition and release the completed album at the end of this season?  I’m sooooooooooo buying all your record and album, I swear I would!

Helluva performance!  The intro of the piano was perfect and his first note, second, third, up to the last, and that last two notes, they were all perfect!  All the hands for Casey Abrams now, c’mon you guys!

I’m sorry that Naima and Thia went home…I’m happy that Casey is staying for another week! 😀

Oh and I lurve the red grand piano.

Dear American Idol,

Can I have that red grand piano you used in your Elton John week?  Can you please send it to me?

Thank you very much!

♥ from your fan,






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