The David series…

5 04 2011

I forgot to tell you about this last week.  But last week, David number 1 visited our store again…  Oh heck yeah, he did!  Haha!  He ordered a Grande Latte, if I remember that correctly.  And I was in the CBS station at that time making a Mocha Frappuccino when I heard the call out; “Grande Latte for David” and I just have to take a wee break, turn my head to my left just to check who this David is.  And its David number 1! 😀  BUT!  The email was all over me last week, it’s like…it’s wrapped my whole body…the thought, the email, it just ate me just like that…so… David number 1 was just someone I have to check on to, and that’s it.  End of conversation.  Period.




2 responses

8 04 2011
mhel manliclic

Sya ba si CRUSH?:p

8 04 2011

no. hahaha!!! hanap pa! 😀

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