6 04 2011

My vampire friend visited our store the other night.  She ordered a Venti Bloody Vanilla and flashed her fangs.  All our customers got frightened and run out of our store, including my co-partners and MOD.  I told my vampire friend not to do that again even if she means no harm.  Normal people don’t understand Vegetarian Vampires, for them all vampires are the same, they all drink blood, period.  They didn’t know that Vegetarian Vampires only drinks blood coming from animals, so they’re safe around human beings.

Anyways, my vampire friend ask me a question that night that I sort of didn’t get the chance to answer, I think.  She asked me this;  “Do you really like to work here?”  So, to my dearest vampire friend…if I remember correctly, that was January of 2010, we were in Starbucks, RCBC Plaza when I told you that I wanted to be a Starbucks Barista. 😀 So, yeah…I really like and love where I’m working right now and my kind of work in it. 😀




One response

8 04 2011


J, thank you for this post!!! I’m happy for you and like I said, your workplace is so cool.

Let’s hangout again okay?!


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