The Love of Money

9 04 2011

The Bible does not limit the amount of money one should aim to have but warns against the wrong attitude toward money and possessions–such as covetousness and greed.  A wrong outlook might make people obsessive, compulsive, and addicted to moneymaking (albeit honestly earned) or to the accumulation of possessions.  These themes may occupy so much time and effort that they become false gods.

Accumulation of money or material possessions is not good or bad in itself.  It all depends on where the heart is.  It becomes dangerous when it stands in the way of what should be the first goal:  seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

“Remove falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches–feed me with food allotted to me; Lest I be full and deny You, and say “Who is the Lord?” or lest I be poor and steal, and profane the name of my God.” – Proverbs 30:8, 9

Bible Study Guide, March 09, 2011




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9 04 2011
Kristin Brænne


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