Season Ten Episodes Twenty Four and Twenty Five

10 04 2011

So I’m not gonna say anymore how I love Casey to win in this season (he’s just so great and cool and really very talented and with that stand up bass, oh, of course he’s going to win!  I want him to win oh so badly!) and how I love his performance every week and how all his song choices were now part of my playlist.

The shocking thing that I wanna say here today is how Pia got the lowest votes for the week and has now left the competition.  All four judges (Randy, Jennifer, Steven, and Me) were in total shock when Ryan announced that Pia will be going home.  I really thought Stefano got the lowest vote!  (I’m not against Stefano, alright, don’t get me wrong here, but compared to the others I think he’s the weakest link)  This is so sad because we, the judges, don’t have the power to save Pia anymore (and I’m so glad that Casey was the reason for that).

America, I thought you’ve already learned your lesson with Casey…or maybe that just means you’re just all rooting for Casey now.  Aw!  That’s truly touchy! 🙂

I’m sad about Pia going home but I’m happy too that Lauren was not, and really happy that Casey totally did not have to pack his bags up to go home. 😀




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