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12 04 2011

So I was fb-ing the other day when I saw this little notice about him having a new profile picture.  Immediately, my heartbeat went from normal to abnormal and my mind spitted “shhh**!”.  So I moved my mouse pointer to his thumbnail pixie then I clicked it.  WHOA!  It’s really him!  It’s HIM!!! He really did change his profile picture!  He finally have a profile picture!!!  At this point, I already dunno if my heart was beating fast to faster or it just stopped beating at all!  My left hand was like holding and clutching and supporting my chest because it felt like its gonna explode.

Remember my little crazy composition?  It’s true! 😀

A little teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy thought from yours truly…  What if he has a second name?  What if it’s David?  _____ David _______.  OH GOSH!!! ♥♥♥




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14 04 2011


14 04 2011

hahaha! i really think he’s got a second name which is David! but i wish i can confirm that 😀 can you ask him, Katy? 🙂 hehe

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