14 04 2011

My 8-year-old cousin, using his PSP, took a photograph of our grandparents (I didn’t even know that PSP’s can take pictures) when they visited him and his family in Sugar Land, Texas.  My cousin told our grandparents that the photograph is for memory… now he has a memory our grandparents…because grandparents will die soon.  He also took a photograph of his parents for the same reason.

I laughed when my aunt in LA told me this story for the first time.  But when I stopped and think about it…it’s actually the real reason why we photograph things, living and non-living things, right?  Because they won’t be there for us…forever.  Because nothing lasts forever.




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14 04 2011

Present is the gift.

14 04 2011

I understand your feeling. My motivation of making my 365 days, it is because the similar reason. Nothing last forever… = . = Many years later I will look back what I have done before, I hope I can laugh and be proud of what I have done before.

14 04 2011

thanks! and yes…i hope wordpress will preserve my blog cause i sure want to see this again after tons of years later-to see what things i’ve shared to the world in my own little way…

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