21 04 2011

email…profile picture…and then yesterday… I SAW HIM!!! 😀 …and then my heart got attacked.  Well, after what happened…I don’t think there will ever be a…  Hmm… that moment yesterday was truly…awkward…I totally felt that awky thingy between…or maybe it was this…all over again…

I wasn’t really feeling well, emotionally, yesterday…but seeing him made my day…the heart-attack was sure worth everything…♥ I never really thought I’ll ever see him again…




6 responses

23 04 2011

Wish you’ll see him soon! ^0^

23 04 2011

i already did! thanks 😀

24 04 2011

who’s this? haha

24 04 2011

oooohh… I can’t tell Katy… because if i tell Katy…. ooooh…. i just can’t…

5 05 2011

Are you Blair Waldorf and the guy is like loneyly boy that’s why you can’t say? Haha! Share it J! Or ill let someone spy on you and follow you around. Haha!

6 05 2011

Him? the Lonely boy? hahahaha!!! well, I guess, if we’ll just base everything on the bag he uses at work, a Marks and Spencer eco-friendly shopping bag, then yep…he’s a lonely boy. hahahaha!!! and I cannot be Blair, i’m not an evil dictator of taste. hahahaha

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