23 04 2011

Yesterday my duty is in Magallanes, Tagaytay Starbucks and the customers are overwhelming!  They just wouldn’t stop ordering!  I already told one of the partners that maybe we can close the store for one hour just so we, and the store, can breath.  Just a break even if the closing hour is still eight hours away.  But of course I am just joking when I said that.  It’s really very tiring and all…but I still had a blast!  What an experience! 🙂

(this post is really meant to be published yesterday… something went wrong with… the  publish thighy… ugh!)




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24 04 2011

i’m really happy you’re enjoying your work J

i’m excited to claim my starbucks coffee in May 🙂 hahaha!!! that’s your birthday gift to me. it tastes good with french vanilla coffee mate!

i’ll let you know my wedding plans. i hope you can help me. i’ll let you focus on the photoshoot and all. pictures will be handled by J. is it okay?


miss you


24 04 2011

Oh Katy!… I’m really honored by that but…handled by me and only me??? I’m shy Katy… hahaha!!! I’m only an amateur photographer…far from being a professional…

and about your coffee… hmm… I’ll be in Manila in the week of May 14 (except Saturday ofcourse) for my haircut… but only in MOA… ugh… now how am i gonna give you your co-o-ffee? 🙂

25 04 2011

i have a plan… hehe! i’ll email you J Darling

25 04 2011

er… where is that email?

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