Got the time?

28 04 2011

No!  So little time…so much to watch!  Haha!  I still have gossip girl and 90210 and american idol and modern family and america’s next top model and grey’s anatomy to watch… phooey… golly gee…




7 responses

29 04 2011

lool you watch a lot!! i dont seem to watch tv a lot ;x i dunno i see some sometimes XD

30 04 2011

I download them torrents then I watch them 😀

1 05 2011

OHH haha thats awesome!

5 05 2011

I recommend you a new series to watch. Outsourced!
It’s pretty hilarious. You’ll end up having stomach cramps from laughing too hard.

6 05 2011

alright… that should replace American Idol (ohhhh i still hate the fact that Casey has been voted out already…)

9 05 2011

J get over it! Haha!

9 05 2011

i still want to watch AI… but I just can’t make myself do it because I know Casey won’t be performing in any way… even as a special guest.

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