that someone…

9 05 2011

there is someone who you just don’t like to work with…and then there is this someone who you just hate to work with…i really wish this is not happening to me…i wish i can prevent this hate thingy because i really really love the kind of work that i have right now…but now that it has already started…i’m already having a real hard time being nice to you…




4 responses

10 05 2011

awhh pat pat* :< hugs*

11 05 2011

thanks jess… 🙂

10 05 2011


try to ignore them… the most important is that you love your job 🙂

smile J

see you soon! (when?)

11 05 2011

we are a team here, we really work together…and it’s to work with someone you just can’t work with.

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