i don’t get it

11 05 2011

Yesterday, our District Manager visited our store.  When she saw me she commended the color of my lipstick, matte sky pink by Revlon.  She even ask me for the color and brand which I told her.  After my one hour “lunch” break I changed my matte sky pink lipstick to a dark pink lip gloss.  When she saw my newly decorated lips she commented/asked/concluded that I’ve changed my lips’ aura because of the time of the day (that’s already five o’clock in the afternoon), I smiled and just answered yes.  And then she laughed, not in a high laugh-out-loud way though, and told me that talking to me makes her laugh and relieves her from exhaustion that she’s feeling at that time.  I really wanted to ask why.  I mean, I wasn’t trying to be funny or cute or anything in front of her, she is our very strict District Manager, I was only answering her questions, seriously.  But well, I didn’t ask her why.

Most of the time, when I’m in the presence of the “big” people, Harry Potter’s reasoning usually gets the best of me…better not ask.




2 responses

11 05 2011


you have that effect on people J!!!

you can make me laugh too you know!!! i miss you here ;p

11 05 2011

thanks Katy, though i really dunno what that effect is…all i know is that my speaking ability can be hyper active than it already is…at times. 😉 will visit y’all there maybe next week…still a maybe 😀 goody-good!

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