16 05 2011

Have you ever imagine yourself getting old?  The thought have obviously hunted me but I just can’t imagine myself becoming this old woman!  I will be moving slowly when that time comes, talk slowly, and will have a lot of limitations to continue my existence here on earth.

…Just a little thought inside my head…




4 responses

16 05 2011

I am too getting old but at every stage of life their is fun don’t waste your time in thinking just enjoy because this too also won’t last .

17 05 2011

er…it was just really a thought…but still, thanks for the visit! 😀

17 05 2011

hahahaha!!! you’re not yet that old… gosh!

enjoy every moment of your life J

by the way, can you let me know when is your day off? haha!!!

we shall meet up soon

miss you J

17 05 2011

i will! 😀 i will try my very best to listen to you… 😀

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