Oh, Door…

17 05 2011

The main door of our house won’t open this afternoon when I got home.  I already punched it, kicked it, wrestled with it, but it just won’t budge, it won’t open!  I’m really pissed off that I barked at our dog and left the house.  I went to our store instead, I’ve decided to spent the rest of my afternoon there while I wait for the rest of my family to be home.

The weather was freaking hot that when I got to our store I immediately ordered this sandwich that is really not my type and a hot drink not because I want to eat and drink them but because I’m totally annoyed of my little door problem and because of the weather…it’s like my emotion clouded my judgement (hahaha!).  And so that’s when I figured out this someone is really trying play some game with me… (snort) “My dear someone, I will try to play with you, if that will make you happy, but mind you, I’m no natural at this so please don’t get tired of reminding me the rules…”  Lol! 😀

Anyway… I told our dog I’m sorry when I finally got home (for the second time around), so we’re buddies again. 😀




4 responses

19 05 2011

Oh door > u <

19 05 2011

yeah, i totally hate that door… 😀

19 05 2011

who’s this someone trying to play whatever whatever??? haha!


19 05 2011

will text you on sunday. 😀

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