Season Four and Season Three ends…

18 05 2011

What an interesting way to end the fourth season of Gossip Girl and the third season of 90210.

Gossip Girl : I can’t believe that Blair actually ended up with Prince Louie!  But I guess what interests me the most is this person that Dan is talking about that is not Charlie, who turns out to be not the real Charlie but Ivy, according to Eric.  Hmm…is that person a she and is that she goes by the name of Blair?  Hmm… hmm… hmm… The secrets of Gossip Girl… 😉

90210 :

I totally love this part.  Hahaha!!!  I think if I’m as rich as Naomi I’m also likely to throw my friend a wedding out of happiness, and love!  And out of friendship, of course. 😀




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18 05 2011
Kristin Brænne

Be a ★ !

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