…rise from the dead…

11 11 2011

Yup!  That is me…finally rising up from the longest blog sleep ever.  So, what’s up with me?  Hmm… well, I’m not really feeling great this past few days and with that, I’ve just realized three things:

  • Sometimes you need your friends to take your side for that purpose alone and not to rub your obvious mistake on you because the whole world is already doing that.
  • Never underestimate a person’s capability to understand even the most complicated things in life.  Always give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • We lock ourselves in our own thoughts and sometimes in self pity.  We condemn others with their insights and opinions and even accuse them of not knowing what it feels like to be in our shoes…when in truth, we are just afraid to hear and accept what is too obvious…

Hmm… hmm…

And with that… I’m hoping I can make this blog of mine active again… I am already thinking of new topics and photos to post, but for now, this will do. 😀




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