This is about…

Aveschordata is about…Me!  Of course.  (Again? Just like the About Me Page?)  (The whole blog is, actually…)  It is about all the things that runs inside my head and all the things that lives inside my heart.  It is my little secret world for this year.  A world where I can freely express my thoughts and feelings.  A world where I can store the weirdest things and craziest ideas my mind can come up with.  A world where I can be angry and mad and be sad, frustrated, and cry…where I can be happy, laugh out, and lose my head.  A world where I can be anyone I want to be.  I can be a spy here and all I’m waiting for is your email address.  I can be in a fraternity and my next assignment is you.  I can be a wizard and put a curse on all the readers of my latest posts.  I can be a vampire and put fangs on my Tags so when you click on them, they’ll bite you back.  I can put magic on my Home page so when you click on it, wherever you are, you’ll be transported back to your home (hey I like this!  Useful in a crappy workplace). 🙂

So, what is aveschordata all about?  I don’t know.  Let’s just find out at the end of this year. 😉


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